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New This Week! Updated June 27, 2018

Canada Day Giveaway June 30 2018

Our bookstore thrives on new arrivals – they keep our shelves current and full of interesting titles on a wide variety of topics. It’s like that with our country too. Canadians benefit enormously from the new people who move to Canada every day and bring us their fresh ideas and new perspectives.

To say welcome and thank you to our human “New Arrivals” we’ll be celebrating Canada Day in the shop (a little early) by giving away a free French/English dictionary on Saturday, June 30, while supplies last. We’ll also be offering our always popular discount coupon with purchase, valid for the month of July 2018.

Please join us at the shop. New Arrivals make us great!

We're located at 527 Osborne Street just south of the city center. Phone 204-284-4546 if you're lost. Ample free parking in front, at the sides, and out back.

Over 100,000 quality, used books in stock!

Canada Day Giveaway 2018

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Little Black Devils; A History of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles