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Spring 2022...

We're getting accustomed to our new routine and I hope others are as well. We operate primarily online but we also host a weekly open house on Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm. This gives our local area customers a chance to browse the shelves in person like old times. We spend the rest of the week cataloguing books and processing orders. We have about 25,000 books listed online, many of them photographed, and we continue to upload and update our stock every week. However, we have over 100,000 books in total, so I guess I better get to it! cheers, Karen

You can view our stock at Abebooks.com and Biblio.com. We also place specialized catalogues on this website for you to peruse. For other books that are not catalogued, you can email us with your requests and we will search our shelves for you.

Over 100,000 quality, used books in stock!

Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen.

Ask us about our collection of Rubaiyats-some modern, some vintage.