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New This Week! Updated April 9, 2017
It's a new year, spring is on the way, and we're getting ready for an influx of new acquisitions. Start clearing out your basements, cleaning your shelves, fill up your cars, and bring us some more books. We are always happy to buy books. This past week, we bought more World War 2 military history, cookbooks, classics of fiction, sports, and medieval history.

New this month, by popular demand...books in French. So many people have asked us for French language books, I guess it's about time we provided some. Right now we have a large collection of French language graphic novels and some French language children's books. Viens vite!

We're located at 527 Osborne Street just south of the city center. Phone 204-284-4546 if you're lost. Ample free parking in front, at the sides, and out back.

Over 100,000 quality, used books in stock!

Vingt Milles Lieues Sous Les Mers
par Jules Verne


Oversize red cloth with gilt decoration, illustrated...

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